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The Gold Feather

After multiple failed suicides, Lily hopes that this will be her last attempt. As she is sinking into the brink of darkness a man named Jonas foils her hope for death. Angry and disappointed with herself, she is soon engulfed by a world she had been forced to forget. One that involves experimenting on children, genetic modification and superhuman abilities. Learning that she and Jonas have been genetically modified to become Duals, together they must learn the implications of their abilities as their sibling love for one another keeps them bound and grounded.

With new abilities come new memories of lives and friendships long forgotten and a most gut wrenching, all consuming, air sucked out of your lungs love for a boy she has not seen in over 20 years.



Lily and Jonas' story continues in book 2.

It’s been two years since the bloodshed in the desert and Peter’s desertion. Despite the passage of time and the new peaceful life that Lily has discovered with the other Duals she continues to feel the debilitating absence of Peter everywhere. That is until a dark figure appears on their doorstep. After saving his life, the team learns that they must flee their home or risk capture by The Agency. New and old loves emerge along with new threats that heartbreakingly alters some of the Duals forever. Will they be able to elude their captors or are they all fated to remain the science experiments they were created to be.